September 11 Reflection

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September 11 is a date in our nation where we remember the loss of thousands of lives due to a terrorist attack in 2001- it's sad reflecting on that day in history… At the same time, on September 11 in 2020, I recognize the pain and grief people are experiencing today. We're fighting a pandemic that's already claimed thousands of Americans' lives. Many are struggling with unemployment, social inequities, and racism in a volatile environment. Southern California's skies have changed yellow and orange as fires devastate the West coast, claiming people's homes and lives…There's a lot to process that simply cannot be ignored – it's to the point where the air i breathe is literally deemed unhealthy. My worries about when I'll finally be able to take the NCLEX and get a job are silly compared to what others are dealing with and the urgent needs facing people today… . . I'm an unlicensed, unemployed, nursing graduate – not on the frontlines fighting fires or medical emergencies. However, I'm also a wife, daughter, mother, and friend who is capable and cares deeply about others… . . When I feel helpless or overwhelmed, I try focusing and taking action on the things I *CAN* do… some of those things I'm doing are: praying for others, calling and connecting with friends, preparing healthy food for my family, writing postcards encouraging citizens to vote… I'm not doing anything heroic, but my small actions are done out of love… which is always better than acting out of fear… . . If you're feeling overwhelmed today, know you're not alone. Sometimes you have to focus on immediate needs before you can be of service to others-you need to survive before you can thrive… . . Stay safe, and take care of yourselves!

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