Nurses Week 2023

To my dear nurses & nurses-to-be: Happy Nurses Week, and thank you for all that you do! It’s nice to get gifts and swag during Nurse’s Week, but I hope you’re appreciated every day!

Update on me: I’m still on orientation at my new hospital. I worked Sunday through Wednesday this week as well as celebrated my daughter’s birthday, so I’ve been busy. For Nurse’s Week, I got to enjoy a goody bag, free breakfast, free drinks & snacks, and I got to experience a mini massage, reiki, and sound bath session at work. At my hospital, they have a nurse’s MONTH! I’m hoping to take advantage of the fun or relaxing activities they have to offer beyond this week…not sure what that is yet.

Throughout social media, I’ve seen some funny or questionable gifts for nurses in celebration of nurses week…Even if you don’t get the best gifts or activities for Nurse’s Week, I hope you are happy in what you do and feel properly compensated for your nursing role. I myself have high and low days, but am overall happy with my decision to be a second-career nurse! Good luck on your journey!

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